2019. Any resolutions?

Resolutions 2019


Resolutions for 2019? Not anymore.

Last year, I learned that you can make as many wishes and plans as you want, because life doesn’t care about them. Life will take you where you’re meant to be.


Last year I didn’t make any resolution for 2018. I remember I was having a strong flu and the whole New Year Eve night I was struggling just to breathe and be nice with the ones around me, trying not to blow my nose too often or too strong and also not to give my virus to someone else. What can I say? Great wishes for the new year. 🙂


And yet, 2018 was definitely my best year so far. I won’t start to make a list here with all the things that happened to me. It’s a lot to say and honestly, I don’t want to brag. But I can say that this year a lot of things changed permanently in my life and I learned new lessons, that got me exactly in this point.


The thing is that a New Year resolution won’t change the way you’ll spend the next 12 months. Because a wish is not going to make miracles in your life. You’re the only one who decides every day, not only on 1st of January, how to live your own life.


So, wish a lot of health if you want. This is the only one who will really help you to accomplish everything you want. And don’t be afraid if some wishes are not turning into reality. This means that you have something better for you yet to come. 🙂


For myself, I wish a 2019 at least as good as 2018. And if this is not possible, I am not worried. I am strong enough to deal with any surprise that life is planning for me.


Happy New Year! 😀



Today I dreamt about you.

As always, being in a plane makes me fall asleep. Does it matter for how long I’m flying? Nope. Not for me. Sleeping is triggered no matter the distance.

There is nothing special sleeping in the plane, right? Or having dreams. Everyone is having it. I’m having it all the time.

The reason I wanted to capture and remember this particular moment was because today I dreamt about a memory. One that woke me up with a huge smile on my face. One that, somehow, told me that until there will be no time zone difference between us, we can have the same time zone in our dreams.

I woke up smiling and feeling a happiness that is hard to describe, the one that fulfills your entire body. I looked on the window and I knew that you’re thinking of me in that moment.

I just felt it.

Today I dreamt about you. And it made me smile.

Mornings like this

Some time ago, I used to dream about this “perfect mornings”, when he is waking you up with breakfast in bed, kisses on your forehead and leaves you flowers on the pillow. Girls use to think that this is how perfect mornings should look like.

But with time, you get to understand that “perfect morning” is not about breakfast in bed, is not about flowers on your pillow or notes left before you woke up. Of course, this is something that any girl will appreciate it. But it’s not what we really want.

Waking up next to the one you love, seeing his sleepy face and still thinking “God, I would wait for him 2 lives if needed!”, being hugged by this warm body, touching your cold feet from him… Opening your eyes and just smiling to each other – this is how perfect mornings are actually.

Mornings are not only about starting a new day, it’s also about continuing the story you were writing yesterday, or at least some parts of it – the nice ones 🙂

When you wake up next to someone and all you feel is this feeling that is warming all your body, from inside to outside, when you leave to work kissing each other and still smiling after the door closed, when outside is raining, is cold or any bad weather and the only thing you can see is the beauty of it, that’s when you know your mornings are perfect. And even if are not perfect, who cares? Make it perfect! Smile and enjoy every single second that you have!

~ Mornings like this… when outside of the blanket is freezing and you’re squeezing under it, hugging and kissing, he tries to warm your cold feet or arms.

~ Mornings like this… when everyone is rushing to work, with sad faces, while you take 30 more minutes for spending the time together.

~ Mornings like this… when you lose yourself every single time he’s looking at you.

~ Mornings like this… when you are together and nothing can disturb your moments.

Forget about daily stress, about bad people, about any useless thing! All of these are coming and go, but what really stay are these simple, little and yet so meaningful moments!

I wish everyone could realize how important are these kind of moments, how magical it can be! I wish everyone to cherish every single second of this morning, because it might be the last one!

Bittersweet taste

Sometimes, life is giving us some important lessons exactly when you’re less expecting them. Sometimes, it’s easier to live in your dreams, to choose to fool yourself than to face the truth, the reality. Is so simple to live in your own world, your own bubble where everything is perfect, where nothing bad happens, when he’s next to you and all yours, when nothing can ruin your happiness.

And that’s exactly why I’m thankful when life or the Universe or God or whoever is doing it is waking me up, is opening my eyes and forces me to face the truth, the reality, and not some fairy tales that are easier to handle.

Yes, waking up from your fairy tale can have a bittersweet taste.

Has a bitter taste when you realize that you were fooling yourself. Has a bitter taste when you see how fast your world can change completely. Is bitter when you’re simply walking on a street and life is forcing you to see the difference between what’s in your head and what is real straight in front of your eyes. And you have no choice but to face it and accept it.

But this is why it’s sweet at the same time. Because this way you won’t end up being hurt by your own illusions. Which is not something that you’re planning. We’re human beings and sometimes we forget to think with our brains, and we choose to think with our hearts.

It might have a bitter taste at the beginning. But in the end, you have to understand that everything happens with a reason. And if life chooses to force you to face some truths, good. Be thankful. See the big picture and be happy that you have time to not lose yourself in illusions. Be grateful that you can change your reality and make it better instead of living in a dream.

Yes, waking up from your fairy tale can have a bittersweet taste. But you’re the one who chooses how it will be at the end: bitter or sweet? And after you decide on what kind of future you want for your soul, after you decide to face the truth instead of lying yourself, you’ll be able to turn your reality into a happy one instead of choosing to live in a fake one.

Be brave enough to face the truth and strong enough to make the right choice.

It’s all about timing

Do you believe that the timing plays a crucial role in our lives? That everything that happens in your life is taking place in a certain moment for a reason? That you meet someone at one time because it has to be at that specific minute?

I do. Everyday proves me that the timing is ruling my life. Even when you have to go to the store, but then decide that you have to stop and stare in some window. Because of this, you will meet totally different people when you’ll reach the store.

Every second matters. Every thought totally changes our future, even the next minute can be changed just by one single thought. And I find this amazing!

But, being honest, sometimes the timing can be a little bit cruel. Sometimes, you wish to be in totally different place than you are. Sometimes, because you decide to walk instead of taking a tram, for example, you wake up being in one of those uncomfortable situations. Facing exactly the people that you don’t want to see in that specific time of day. Pretending you don’t care and keeping your head up, smiling, even if your soul has just been crushed for a moment that felt lasting for a life.

Taking the good part of it: a thousand people can tell you that you’re wrong, and you’ll still do whatever you want, ignoring their opinion. But when you feel yourself crushed, then you remember what matters actually: and that’s you and your happiness. So sometimes maybe a thousand people are not enough, so you just need the perfect timing, just to remember that life is not a fantasy and this is not a dream, that you have to face people that you don’t like, awkward moments and – the most important thing – the truth about yourself.

Talking about the truth about yourself… or, being a little bit more specific, about facing the truth about yourself.. How’s it going? Are you happy with your everyday choices? Can you look in the mirror and smile, knowing everything about you? If not, welcome to everyone’s story. No one can be every single day happy with who they are. There are days when you are and days when you just want to hide or forget the sad parts of your life. If I’m thinking about this, the sad parts are not about your life, but about yourself, because you’re the one who takes the decisions that lead you to those sad moments.

So, going back to the truth about yourself: it might be hard to accept it everyday, but don’t try to lie your own heart! Don’t try to fool anyone; the only one who will be fooled in the end it’ll be you.

Face you and your choices! And make a decision. Choose to fool you and anyone in your life, and you’ll have sad parts in your life every time. Choose to be honest with yourself and everyone around you and good things will come in your life.

Perfectly imperfect and happy with it

Maybe this is not everyone’s experience. But most of us lived it at one point. Most of us were unhappy with who we were. Most of us still aren’t.

Everyday is a struggle, asking ourselves “Why can’t I be like her/him?”. Every day you just want to become someone that you think is better than you, that you think has more qualities than you, that you think is perfect.

And many of this it’s caused by social pressures that our society is trying to feed us every single day.

Why do you want to be perfect? What is “perfect” for you? For some of you, the photo above is perfect. But I’m pretty sure that others will disagree. And this is perfectly normal. We’re all different. Now, instead of a photo, think that I’m asking you about a person. Because it’s the same.

Remembering my last few years, have to admit that looking for perfection was one of my main focus at one moment. So focused on how to become “the perfect girl”, “the perfect lover”, “the perfect friend”.. So focused on forgetting me and changing into someone else that I didn’t recognize. All of this leads to be unhappy with myself. Frustrations, bad relationships, wrong people around me, wrong habits – all of this was because, instead of finding myself, I was trying to forget who I am.

Somehow, focusing so much on loving all the other people around me, loving myself came to a second or third or maybe fourth place. Many other things were more important than this.

How can you show people that you’re a great person, that you have so many beauties inside your soul, if you cannot see it when you’re looking in the mirror? When you forget to love yourself, you’ll end up being alone. Because if you don’t love who you are, no one will do it for you. There is nothing selfish in it.

So yes, at one point, ending up being alone happened. Because there was no time for self love. Or at least I liked to tell that to myself. My parents were the ones who woke me up and remembered that everyone has something good inside. Even me. I just had to want to look inside my soul. Facing the fact that there are things that I can change about me and things that can only be embraced, without changing, but accepting it – that was and still is my everyday challenge.

When I’ll have a daughter, I will teach her so much self love! But more than teaching, is constantly reminding her that she will always worth more than anyone can say. Because loving yourself will bring your inner beauty outside your soul.

So, what is this “perfect” that everyone wants? Life is not about perfection. Life is about being imperfect and loving yourself and all the others around you exactly for this.

She gave me a look

“What’s more important for you? The words she tells you or the look she has in her eyes? ”

There were people that hurt me. And probably they will never know.

Because never told them.

There were people that I loved. With all my heart. And they will probably never know.

Because never told them.

Speaking about everything that you feel, everything that you see, everything that you’re upset about, it’s sometimes like losing the intensity of feelings.

Try feeling everything at a high level.

Never hated anyone. I know how strong that hate can be.

But when it comes to love.. Well, here it’s a different story.

Always loved a lot of people who were or who still are in my life. But never loved someone in such a strong way that can make me feel that I can lose everything, even myself, for the loved one.

Is this even possible? No idea.

But this is the kind of love I want to give.

”She gave me a look”… Because saying everything that you want, everything that you feel sometimes just ruins all the magic.

Because sometimes a look can tell you more than a thousand words.

Let the dogs run the world

Sometimes, I just feel everything is good in this world is just slipping away.

We used to be more concerned about how we treat others. We used to pay more attention on dealing with other people’s feelings.

Now, we just don’t care anymore. We’re focusing only on not breaking our own hearts and that’s it. Doesn’t matter if we break other soul, if it’s not ours, is fine. We became selfish.

We choose people exactly how we choose clothes. We know we’ve many possibilities. So we forget how to appreciate the only one that matters. Or how to not look for someone else. Because tomorrow you can appreciate someone else, right?

That’s why, people, let the dogs run the world. They truly love you, they are loyal. Have you ever seen a dog’s look when you come home? Is priceless. This is the kind of love I want in my life from a person as well. The totally honest one.

Believe me or not, it still exists. You just have to not lose your faith. You’ll probably be hurt many times until you find the right one for you. But you just have to keep this in mind: after many bad things, something really good will come into your life!

Now you’re just getting ready for it! 🙂

Stop seeing the bad in everything and start looking for the good in your life.

“I would burn the whole world down just to have you, I would burn the whole world if anybody tries to hurt you.”

How do you know when someone is telling you the truth?

How do you know when to trust someone?

How do you know when you won’t get hurt anymore?

You don’t.

You only know this: you decide when you stop questioning yourself about this.

You might be good at reading people.

But you have to admit that sometimes you won’t know when someone is telling you the truth or not.

And that sometimes you’ll trust the wrong people.

And that sometimes some people will hurt you.

But this is life. It’s full of good and bad experiences. This is how we get to be our best version of us, by learning from bad things and making good ones.

Take advantage of everything that you go trough. Instead of seeing the bad of some situations, take those situations and try to find the good of it.

Because I guarantee you that the good IS there!