She gave me a look

“What’s more important for you? The words she tells you or the look she has in her eyes? ”

There were people that hurt me. And probably they will never know.

Because never told them.

There were people that I loved. With all my heart. And they will probably never know.

Because never told them.

Speaking about everything that you feel, everything that you see, everything that you’re upset about, it’s sometimes like losing the intensity of feelings.

Try feeling everything at a high level.

Never hated anyone. I know how strong that hate can be.

But when it comes to love.. Well, here it’s a different story.

Always loved a lot of people who were or who still are in my life. But never loved someone in such a strong way that can make me feel that I can lose everything, even myself, for the loved one.

Is this even possible? No idea.

But this is the kind of love I want to give.

”She gave me a look”… Because saying everything that you want, everything that you feel sometimes just ruins all the magic.

Because sometimes a look can tell you more than a thousand words.


Let the dogs run the world

Sometimes, I just feel everything is good in this world is just slipping away.

We used to be more concerned about how we treat others. We used to pay more attention on dealing with other people’s feelings.

Now, we just don’t care anymore. We’re focusing only on not breaking our own hearts and that’s it. Doesn’t matter if we break other soul, if it’s not ours, is fine. We became selfish.

We choose people exactly how we choose clothes. We know we’ve many possibilities. So we forget how to appreciate the only one that matters. Or how to not look for someone else. Because tomorrow you can appreciate someone else, right?

That’s why, people, let the dogs run the world. They truly love you, they are loyal. Have you ever seen a dog’s look when you come home? Is priceless. This is the kind of love I want in my life from a person as well. The totally honest one.

Believe me or not, it still exists. You just have to not lose your faith. You’ll probably be hurt many times until you find the right one for you. But you just have to keep this in mind: after many bad things, something really good will come into your life!

Now you’re just getting ready for it! 🙂

Stop seeing the bad in everything and start looking for the good in your life.

“I would burn the whole world down just to have you, I would burn the whole world if anybody tries to hurt you.”

How do you know when someone is telling you the truth?

How do you know when to trust someone?

How do you know when you won’t get hurt anymore?

You don’t.

You only know this: you decide when you stop questioning yourself about this.

You might be good at reading people.

But you have to admit that sometimes you won’t know when someone is telling you the truth or not.

And that sometimes you’ll trust the wrong people.

And that sometimes some people will hurt you.

But this is life. It’s full of good and bad experiences. This is how we get to be our best version of us, by learning from bad things and making good ones.

Take advantage of everything that you go trough. Instead of seeing the bad of some situations, take those situations and try to find the good of it.

Because I guarantee you that the good IS there!

Don’t be afraid to walk away



Sometimes, even if your brain knows that you should walk away, your heart will make anything possible for keeping you there, in that toxic place that you used to love.


I’m proud of myself. At one point in my life, I finally managed to leave from one of the toxic people from my life. I finally was the one who left, and not the one who was left.

Even if it sounds childish, it matters. You will gain another kind of self confidence when you are the one who gets to choose to leave or to stay.


I was surprised to find out that is not so hard to leave. And it’s not so hard to tell others to just leave.

It’s hard only the beginning. The first time when you say out loud “Just leave. I don’t need you anymore, because I’m enough.”

But I have to be honest, I wasn’t able to say these words out loud for a long time. Because probably I didn’t know my worth. Or maybe I didn’t know that saying this out loud, won’t hurt anyone.

It will actually do more good than bad. It will make you realize that you’re healed. That your soul already moved on.


I asked a couple of weeks ago how many chances should you give to someone? Some people told me that you should give only one, others said that you should give two.

For me, giving enough chances until I feel that I am enough and that she/he is worthless is the right answer.

I’m not saying that this is the best way. Probably it’s not, because you invest a lot of time and a lot of patience.

But I learned that this is the way that helps me to realize who are the people with whom I want to spend my whole life and who are the ones that I want to leave somewhere behind me.


Don’t be afraid to tell people to leave from your life! If you got into that point with them, it’s obvious that they won’t stay next to you for a long time.

Because the right people will never make you wish to be away from them.

What would you do for love?

This is a question for which everyone will have the same question: “Everything!”.

Every time you talk with someone that is falling in love, they will tell you how great it is and how they would do anything for that person, anything to be with him/her, anything for love!


But what “anything” means actually? Is your “anything” the same as his/hers?

For some people, anything means giving attention, agreeing all the time with him/her, sending love messages.

That is just a small part of what “anything” should be.


For how many people can you feel that you can do anything?

I would say only for two. You will meet two people for whom you’ll feel that you can do this anything.


I remember when I first felt this feeling. It was strong, it was intense, it was everywhere in my body.

~ I remember how I was trusting that person, no matter how many lies he was telling me.

~ I remember how I was ready to leave my apartment every time he was calling me, no matter the hour.

~ I remember how I was defending him in front of everyone for everything.

~ I remember how I forgave him for all the times that he hurt my heart.

~ I remember how I was ready to take him back every time he left.

~ I remember how I was ready to lie to everyone for him.

~ I remember how sometimes I left all my friends for him.

~ I remember how I accepted to be so weak in front of him, just because I loved him.


I loved him a lot and I let him tearing me apart.


So, what would I do for love?

I would probably do the same as I did for that man, but now with the right person.


You give a chance to every person you meet.

~ You give them a chance to know you.

~ You give them a chance to love you.

~ You give them a chance to hurt you.

Sometimes you give them more than one chance.

Sometimes they will take advantage from every chance you gave them.

And sometimes they will just break any of them.

How can we know what is the perfect number of chances that we can give to each person?

How can we know when to stop and just close that door and move forward?

Self-Care Isn’t Selfish



Yes. It ‘s not.


Have you ever felt that you have so many things to do, too many meetings to attend, so many people to see, so many places to visit, that you will have to give yourself for all of this?

I had. And it was so tempting to have everything, that, at one point, I chose everything else except me. I gave up my beauty rituals, my free time, my hobbies. My schedule was so full of everything else except me, that I started to feel that I will collapse.

Even if I used to try to always look good and fresh, the make-up and the coffee weren’t enough at a certain point. People started to ask me if I am feeling good, if I have health issues or if I am sad or sick. And I was surprised about this, not knowing how to reply.

And then I realized: I was so caught in taking care of everything that’s happening outside, that I totally forgot about what’s happening inside of me. It was so easy to just leave myself behind for other people.


So I stopped doing this.


I pressed the “Switch Off” button. I’ve switched off myself from too many events, from too many people that I didn’t need, from too many activities that never helped me for anything. I stopped looking around me and started to look inside of me.

How was my soul? How was my body?

They both were tired. They looked sad. They were never happy with what I gave to them. Because I gave everything, except the inner peace.


So I started to look after this: my inner peace. I started to ask myself what’s more important? Making everyone happy or to first of all make myself happy?

The answer was simple, but giving up to old and unhealthy habits and people… That was hard.

Many people thought that I became a selfish person. “Why don’t you want to go out? Why are you replying so late?” Questions that had the same answer: “Now I have more time for myself and less for the others”.


It’s a thin line between taking care of yourself and becoming selfish. It’s so easy to cross it. I saw it many times. But I believe that most of the people aren’t selfish, even if others will say that.

The people that are truly happy are the one that have discovered that they matter the most. Not the 1 month friends, not the last car model, not the biggest Friday night event, but only them, their soul; their inner peace.


So I tell you the same thing that I repeat to myself every day: you matter!

The good things will come into your life only after you’ll learn how to put yourself first.


Peace! 🙂

24. What have I learned in my last year?

2 weeks ago I turned 24 years old. Some people tell me that I look younger, some people tell me that I look (or that I act) older than 24. I would go for the second one.

I always felt older than I really am. One of my friends always tells me that I probably already lived my life for 7 times. That’s why I’m able to give so deep advices about life, love and self care.

He may be right, who knows? 🙂


I like to think that every year I learn something new and useful about life. I like to think that each person that I meet can completely change my life purpose, my choices, my way of thinking.

I have to say that in my last year I learned a lot of things about people. If in my previous years I was focusing more on working harder, in my last one I focused a lot on self-development and on carefully choosing the people around me.


When you’re hurt for too many times, you just start to pay more attention of the people you get involved with.


In my last year I learned that you can love someone with all your soul even if he’s not yours to be. I learned that people make mistakes that can completely destroy someone; that can completely destroy me, if I allow them that.

I learned that, in order to be strong, I have to make strong decisions. Critical ones. I learned that not everyone will agree with my decisions and that, before anyone else support me, I have to be strong enough to support myself.


In my last year I learned that, in order to find happiness, I don’t have to blame others for any of my failures or bad decisions that I made. I just have to embrace everything that comes into my life.

That’s what life actually means: embracing the good and the bad.


In my last year I learned that every decision is a good one, no matter what. I just have to find the best of it. Being positive is not a trend; it’s the way to always be strong.

Many people are telling me that I don’t always have to be strong. That sometimes I should just be human. I always tell them the same: I am human, I am a strong human. Because when the bad things will come into my life, I will be the only one able to take care of myself. No one else will be next to me forever, except myself.


So be a strong woman! You don’t need anyone else to be strong for you, except yourself.


Now, at 24 years old, I feel stronger that before. I am assuming every decision that I take. I let people go easily than before, because I learned to first love myself before loving someone else.

I choose my friends by heart, and not by popularity.


And I choose myself first before anyone else. It’s not about being selfish. It’s about taking care of your soul and not letting anyone destroy it.

Te iubeste atat de mult, dar ramane peste noapte?



Cineva spunea sa nu confunzi pasiunea cu dragostea; una te hraneste, in timp ce cealalta te infometeaza.


Oricine isi aduce aminte de iubirea aia nebuna pe care a avut-o la un moment dat, aia despre care mereu ai crezut ca va fi pentru totdeauna.

El te iubea la nebunie, te trata ca pe o printesa, te proteja, iti oferea tot ce ii cereai, mai putin un lucru: sa ramana la tine peste noapte.


Multi barbati te pot face sa te simti regina pentru cateva momente, dar putini sunt cei care vor ramane sa iti tina companie pentru toata noaptea. Putini sunt cei care vor dori doar sa doarma langa tine, sa te imbratiseze, sa iti simta parfumul si respiratia in timp ce va cufundati in vise. Cei care raman sunt cei care te iubesc. E adevarat ca te pot iubi intr-un mod diferit de cel pe care ti-l doresti tu, dar poti fi sigura ca te vor in viata lor pentru mai mult de cateva ore.


Dupa momentele de pasiune, gaseste un motiv pentru a pleca de langa tine. E prea obosit, are treaba acasa, a promis ca se intalneste cu niste prieteni, se simte rau etc. Barbatii pot fi foarte creativi cand vine vorba de scuze. Inca il mai crezi cand iti spune ca te iubeste? Nu ar trebui. Asta e un element care te poate ajuta extrem de mult sa iti dai seama de ceea ce simte el pentru tine. Sau de ceea ce nu simte.

Nu il invinovati. Nu poti obliga pe cineva sa simta pentru tine ceea ce iti doresti. Daca ai nevoie de un barbat care sa te iubeasca si sa ramana langa tine mai mult de cateva ore, il vei gasi la un moment dat pe cel potrivit. Dar intre timp va trebui sa te indepartezi de cei nepotriviti.


Vei fi tentata sa crezi ca poti transforma pasiunea lui in dragostea ta. Nu vei reusi. Sau vei reusi intr-un final, dar oare chiar merita sa pierzi atata timp cu asta? Oare te vei simti implinita dupa multe nopti nedormite, pline de frustrare si lacrimi?

Probabil ca nu.


Asa ca lasa-l sa plece acasa, cu tot cu pasiunea lui.

Si bucura-te ca esti libera sa il gasesti pe cel ce iti poate oferi si ziua, dar si noaptea.




Aminteste-ti in fiecare zi ca nu esti nebuna, drama-queen, prea sensibila sau orice altceva de genul asta spus de cineva care nu acorda destul de mult timp pentru a te cunoaste.

De fiecare data cand am admis astfel de lucruri spuse de cei din jurul meu, am regretat. De fiecare data, totul s-a terminat cu furie sau dezamagire, ambele generate de faptul ca sunt “prea sensibila”.

Am invatat sa nu ma mai inconjor de astfel de oameni.

Am invatat ca oamenii care te privesc intr-un mod superficial nu merita nici un fel de tratament. Singurul lucru pe care trebuie sa il faci este sa pleci de langa ei. Fara explicatii, fara resentimente, fara prea multe cuvinte. Doar pleaca.

Am invatat ca viata asta este exact asa cum ti-o creezi. Si mie imi place sa am o viata la fel de frumoasa ca o zi de primavara insorita si plina de copaci infloriti. Dar pentru asta trebuie sa ma indepartez de anumiti oameni.

Ei nu vor intelege motivul pentru care tu vrei sa pleci de langa ei. Nu vor vedea cat rau iti pot face, cat rau iti fac. Asa ca nu incerca sa iti motivezi plecarea. Un om care te priveste superficial nu merita nici macar o explicatie.

Aminteste-ti in fiecare zi ce suflet frumos ai. Aminteste-ti ca “a fi sensibila” e o calitate, pe care majoritatea o pierd in ziua de azi. Aminteste-ti sa simti fiecare clipa din viata ta cu inima unui copil.

Aminteste-ti sa traiesti viata pe care ti-o doresti, nu cea pe care altii ti-o doresc.